6 Essential Tips For A Great Comedy Night Melbourne Experience


Comedy is a universal language, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. It is the perfect entertainment for getting laughs out of a crowd without relying on anything but your own wit and charm. While we have written extensively about how to make your comedy show successful, we wanted to dig into the details a bit more. That is why we are sharing these tips from our team here at The Laugh Button:

  1. Support the comedians

Comedians are doing their best to make you laugh. As a comedian, I know that the audience is everything. They are the ones who decide whether my jokes will be well received, and they can make or break the show. It is important that I know that my audience is 100% there for me and has my back—no matter what happens on stage.

So, give ’em hell! Give them five stars! If you had fun, let people know by leaving a review online; tell your friends about it; spread the word as much as possible so more people can enjoy themselves at comedy shows in your town!

  1. Sit near the front

If you want the best Comedy Night in Melbourne experience possible, you should sit near the front. This is where the magic happens. The closer you are to the stage, the more you can see and hear what is happening on stage. You will be able to observe every facial expression and subtle movement of each performer in their element as they perform for your enjoyment! Plus, performers love it when audience members interact with them during shows—and this becomes much easier if you are sitting close by so that they can see and hear what you are saying!

  1. Do not heckle the performers.

It is a performance, not a debate. The comedian is there to entertain you with jokes, not argue with you about what they said earlier in the show.

If you feel like you have something to say to the performer(s), wait until after the show before approaching them (you can also email them afterwards).

  1. Watch your drinks

Do not spill your drinks. It does not matter how much you paid for them; if there is one thing that can turn a great comedy show into an awful experience, it is having to deal with spilled drinks. If you are going to drink at all, make sure you do so responsibly by keeping track of where your cup is always and being careful when raising it to your mouth.


Do not drink too much. Again, it does not matter whether the comedian has invited people to see him or her perform—if they see that audience members are getting out of hand after their first few bottles of beer, they might decide not to return next time around.[5] And who wants that? The best way to make sure this does not happen is by keeping track of how many drinks per hour (or whatever) will give you just enough of a buzz without making things too tough on yourself later down the line.[4]


Do not drink too quickly! This is another tip related specifically towards alcohol consumption during shows because most comedians tend towards hyperbole when describing what happens when someone gets drunk in front of them:

  1. Give great applause (even when you do not want to)

It does not matter how many times you have seen the same comedian, or how tired you are from a long day at work. You need to clap!

Clapping is a sign of appreciation for the performer and their performance. It helps them feel loved and appreciated by the audience, which is exactly what they want.

It also helps the audience feel like they are part of the show, rather than passive observers waiting for something else to happen in their life besides watching someone tell jokes on stage.

Once you get into this habit of appreciating people’s efforts during comedy shows, you will find yourself having more fun than ever before!

  1. Go with friends

Do not go with strangers, or people who will distract you.

Do not go with people who will make you feel uncomfortable.

Do not go with people who will take your attention away from the show.

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